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I'm Frank Perret and I make money online from HYIPs since 2006. In March 2010, I launched The Private HYIP Blog to show the truth behind the scammy lies of HYIPs. Now, I'm making it easy for you to discuss live with me and other HYIP investors ; you're not alone with questions and worries !

No ref links, no advertising, no blog promotion, no chaos, no crap. Cheer-Leaders and spammers will be banned by our team of moderators.

Just pure, constructive and always public discussions about HYIPs. Always public so other more experienced members can jump-in to warn everyone if a scammer posts a paying report concerning a dead, non-paying investment program or if a thief tries to convince you to invest in his scam. Let's protect and help each others out !

The best HYIP monitors are the reports from trusted private investors. Indeed, with time you'll be able to build a relation of trust with other investors like you, who will recognize your honesty with your reports. Personally, I only trust my fellow veteran HYIP investors ; forget about profit-driven HYIP monitors ! Several privatehyipblog.com subscribers have proven there value since 2010 ! Thank you and please keep it up!

They say the more the better ! Three chat boxes will provide a more user-friendly chatting experience. Too often did you see your question or comment lost in a fired-up discussion between a couple chatters on The Private HYIP Blog. One good problem solved !

To become a good HYIP investor and risk money in the right programs with good timing, you absolutely need to get in touch with other private investors. That's the reason why I launched HYIPchat.com .

When a fellow investor has a problem with a HYIP, he'll report here. When a popular HYIP goes offline or stop to pay you, people will be discussing it here live. Same if Liberty Reserve or AlertPay have problems. Just a healthy HYIP chat after all !

The next time you'll come across Krasek in the chat rooms, he deserves a warm : '' good job ''. He's the one with the HTML and website designing skills!

Remember : you're not alone !